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Free Download - Sponsoring Project launched

Become a Sponsor and get a free movie Download. A lot of people want to download our movies and keep them forever.

Our Idea is to sponsor the movie with only 1 Dollar until our production costs are covered.

Every sponsor will get an E-Mail with a Download Info after our loading bar reached 100%. The first movie will be "Misha and Logan".

This feature lasts 40 Min.

You can find the project on www.LoganMcCree.tv Search for Misha and Logan.

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Question: Why did you start this special kind of „Crowdfunding“ Project?

Answer: A lot of fans are asking, why we do not offer scenes for downloading instead of streaming.

We do not have a problem offering downloads in general as long as we can cover our costs for the technical work, the production costs, webdesigning and other things.

We also want to pay a fair amount of money to our guys, realize new Ideas and keep our production quality.

Illegal Filesharing is killing our business. That´s why we never had scenes to download.

We consider our idea as fair, if we share the costs with the sponsors to release a lot of new and exclusive scenes in the future.

In the same time we can fulfill the wish of our loyal and sincere fans to own their favourite scenes forever.


If you ever wanted to have a download of the Scene "Misha and Logan" you simply spend one Dollar in our sponsorig project on www.LoganMcCree.tv.

As soon as the loading bar has reached 100% you will get an E-Mail notification with a Link to download the scene and keep it forever.

That´s it. No Membership no additional costs.


Saturday, 18 August 2012 00:00

 "Every day a new Picture of the Private Movies from LoganMcCree.tv (Picture Download for free)"


That´s new:


Music Video PDF Print E-mail

This Video was shot by a dear friend of mine who came to my party CozyCoreClub in Dresden every week. He shot this clip while he was studying art. It shows an important part of me. Dancing to emotional alternative rock music.


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I did this music video in 2012 together with my friend Gregor, who studies art in berlin. Jamie, the singer (and mastermind) behind Xiu Xiu asked me, if I could do a video for one of his songs. I'm a huge fan of the band and Jamie is also a friend of mine, so i said "yes". Gregor and I shot the clip in Berlin and we worked on the editing for ages and it looked really cool. But then Gregor showed it to his art class and they said the cuts were to fast, there were to many effects on the clip and they wanted it all "pure". This is the "pure" version. I like it, but the old version was way better in my opinion. I will ry to get the old version as well.

And another music video I was in. We shot this at Raging Stallion Studios in San Francisco a couple of years ago. I had bought a CD in SF in a record store. It was a CD by the singer Kent James. I have to admit that I just bought the CD because I thought the singer was hot (I wasn't able to listen to the CD before I bought it). I liked his stuff and when one of the guys at Raging Stallion told me that Kent James is his flatmate, I went crazy. Kent and I met (yes we did have sex :-)) and i agreed to be in one of his clips. It shows me doing a very big painting of an angel. Enjoy

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Thursday, 28 June 2012 00:00

Hi Guys
Just to keep you updated about whats happening in my life.
I am still very busy building my house. I usually work til 11 o clock at night (I am so far up north that the sun almost never goes down2012-05-27 11.33.11 in summer) and just fall asleep watching some "Family Guy" on my laptop. In the last couple of days I started to get problems with my right hand. In the morning, when I wake up, I can barely move it. I guess its from working with those heavy concrete blocks all day. Building a house is pretty exhausting, but every day I can see some progress and that makes me happy.
I am quite concerned about the costs and even though my father is supporting me, I don't know how long the little money I have will last.


2012-05-27 11.33.49
The great thing is, that the people of Durness are very supportive and friendly. Two other guys in the village are building their houses as well right now and we try to help each other whenever one of us needs support.

Moving to Scotland was definitly the right thing to to and I love every moment (even the rainy ones :-))

Thank you guys for all your support.2012-05-27 21.43.20



PS: Coming to Germany in August.
If you want to shoot a Scene with me or a Solo scene, send a message on LoganMcCree.tv > Contact.
We always need some hot guys for my private Videopage.

Friday, 13 April 2012 05:43


Hi guys ,sorry for not keeping you updated for such a long time, but I was more than busy lately. As some of you might know I have moved to the north of Scotland in the beginning of march.
The village I moved to is called Durness and I bought a small plot of land there to build a house.

And because I don't really have the money to build a house I have to do pretty much everything on my own. The foundations are almost done and I am working on it every day from morning til evening. My back is completely sore from lifting up the heavy stones and I can´t even take a hot bath after work, because I live in a tiny garden shed I built last month. It is just 1,80 long and 1,80 wide and it is just enogh space to sleep in it. When I need to take a shower I can use the lokal campsite and thats where I do my laundry as well.
I have to say that the people in Durness are increadibly friendly accepting and cool. They all know about my job as a porn actor, because of an article that was released in the local newspaper last year. The people here just joke about it and support me with anything they can do.
Every two months I'm travelling for a couple of days to work and of course I will also deliver you some hot, fresh material on www.loganmccree.tvOf course I haven´t had sex since I moved up to Scotland so you gonna get to watch my first sex in 2 months :-)

I wish you all happy Easter!!
Big hug
Logan McCree

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