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Hey Guys,

I opened my private Video collection for you.

Watch it on www.LoganMcCree.tv

Have fun with free trailers and a fair payment for the whole Movie.

Thanks for your support. Logan.


GAYVN Awards - Logan McCree: Best Actor 2009

In september I went to San Francisco to work again with my good friends from Raging Stallion. We shot 4 new scenes. Three of them were shot in a beautiful mansion surrounded by wineyards. Shooting the first scene for a big company after such a long time was weired and I even felt a bit nervous. But it didn't take long to get used to the feeling again :-)

On the same trip i also went to the GayVNs, Porn Video Awards. I even won the award for best actor wich totally took my by surprise, because i didn't even know I was nominated... Yeah I know i sounds stupid! But I ususally just don't keep up with the Porn Industry and i didnt check if was nominated for anything. I am so happy that I got the award for my performance in the movie The Visitor. Last year i got the same award for the movie The Drifter (still my favourite one :-))

The next day was Folsom Street Fair, the biggest fetish and S&M street fair. It was packed!! And it was a lot of fun, the weather was amazing and it was great spending time with some friends and fans. We also shot some hot scenes for my private video site www.LoganMcCree.tv.

I hope it doesnt take another year 'til i'll be back in SF!

Grabby Award 2010


There are Grabby nominations for the movies of Raging Stallion Studios and my work

Thank you for supporting me.

Here are the Nominations:


The Visitor

Raging Stallion Studios


Logan McCree


Ink Stain / Raging Stallion Studios


Logan McCree in

The Visitor / Raging Stallion Studios

BEST Art Direction

The Visitor / Raging Stallion Studios

BEST Actor

Logan McCree in

The Visitor / Raging Stallion Studios

Performer of the Year

Logan McCree in

The Visitor / Raging Stallion Studios

BEST Movie

Logan McCree in

The Visitor / Raging Stallion Studios


See all nominations here:


LoganMcCreeThe Visitor








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