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Logan´s Blog

 We recently released new movies on www.LoganMcCree.tv



Jamil and Logan Part 1 is available.

Part 2 is released on Feb/12/2016

Trailers of both clips are ready on our site.


Have fun. Hugs. Logan

 New Release: April 2015 

Marco Rocalle and Joe Bexter

Click the picture to watch the trailer

The Idea was to make a massage-video but the guys had some more things in their mind.

Marco wanted to shower with Joe and they got closer than I thought.

From now I knew that there would be more than only a massage later. I let them go and do what they had in their mind

Even while editing the movie I decided not to cut out too much to give you the energy of the situation.

It was a hot experience as Marco Rochalle is working as a professional Masseur and showing us his work and a realistic impression what he also can do.

Joe Bexter is athletic and has wonderful body with trimmed hair.

He enjoyed the massage and let his voice just go at the end. Both guys are uncut and well endowed.

We shot his scene in a rent appartment in Cologne, Germany. 

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Hugs. Bolko.

PS: No worries. Next video will be with Logan again :-)

All registered Members can download the Pictures from Thommy Bait and Logan.

Hey Guys ! 

After pausing for almost 2 years we recorded new scenes during the last weeks.

The first released Scene with Thomas Bait (his debut scene) is out on www.LoganMcCree.tv now.


We recorded this feature in Munich (March 2015) in a hotel room on the 11th floor with a beautyful view over the city.

Trailerdownload is for free. 



Hey friends.

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I just started a funny list of reasons, why i lost my Gay-Membership (for those of you who don't know: I like men and women and I get quite a bit of bullshit from some "fans" for being a liar, being gay4pay, being ex-gay and so on).

I am who I am and I never lied to anyone about any of this and the intolerance of some people just annoys me.


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