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GAY for PAY? Logan McCree says:

April 24, 2011 at 12:44 pm
Hey guy
sorry that it took me so long to enter this conversation, but i was not aware of how much trouble was caused by my honesty in this interview.

I would appreciate if all the things I said in the interview and all the things I am going to say in this blog were treated with respect, just like I want to be treated with respect. You have to realize that this whole argument is about a real person with a real life!!!

I will try to set things straight:

I was gay all my life, I was never Gay-For Pay!!! But having sex in front of a camera is Sex-For Pay!! And yes i did that and still do it occasionally. The scenes my homepage http://www.loganmccree.tv are NOT Sex-For Pay! It is sex with guys I wanted to have sex with and the way I wanted to have sex.
Sue noticed that the guys I’m having sex with in my private videos are different from the ones I used to shoot with for Raging Stallion in the beginning. The reason is: on my homepage I am working with normal, real guys, not with porn actors. And the most important thing is that they are nice guys, not if they have a perfect physique. I still love muskular, hairy guys over 35  But two things have changed a bit: I am more attracted to black guys than i used to be and I lately got a little obsessed with huge cocks.
When I am with a man, I am gay, I don’t miss anything, when I am with my girlfriend I am straight and I don’t miss anything. When I jerk off, i usually phantasize about guys, sometimes about my girlfriend. when i watch porn, it’s straight porn, but the guys have to look hot. What does that mean? Am I straight, am I Gay or Bi???? I don’t know, and actually I don’t care. I am happy the way I am and the way I feel.

I was not afraid of telling people that I have a girlfriend now, I went to Folsom Europe with her and we had a great time with my ex-boyfriend. The only person who was afraid of making it public was actually my girlfriend. She thought it would harm my carreer. But thats who I am! I don’t want to live like a gay politician who hides his sexuality because it would harm his carreer.
In the blog sombody said “Logan used to be a proud gay man”. I was never proud of being anything. I am not proud of being white, gay, straight, male, tattooed, vegetarian or german… Thats just who i am… Imagine a straight guy would say: “I’m proud to be straight”… that would be pretty fucked up, right? But if a gay guy says “I’m proud to be gay” it’s totally fine, right??? No, it’s not. People should not be proud, they should just be themselves.
And I am not trying to attack the Gay Pride itself, i just don’t like the word pride (after all its a “deadly sin”…don’t worry I am NOT a christian fanatic)

Some people here said, the fact that I have a girlfriend now harms the gay community… If a straight man tries out sex with another man and he talks about it, he gets the full support of the gay community. They will say : “Just let him be happy, let him explore himself. ” Others will say : “Nobody is 100% straight, they are all bi.” But of course you can’t say that about gay men trying out sex with women! Is that some kind of fucked-up political correctness? I would be happy to get the support of our community with trying to be happy.
Something in my life was missing and I found it, when I had sex with my girlfriend. But if I wouldn’t flirt, cuddle, kiss and sleep with guys any more, something would be missing as well.
I did not take anything out of my life, i just added something to it.

About gay porn : Most actors in gay porn in America are gay!!! Some are bisexual and very few are “Gay-For-Pay”. Some that are G-F-P are very nice and good to work with, they treat you with a lot of respect, some are not good to work with, because you can tell that they are not into you and they don’t even respect you. Luckyly I never had an experience like that in America (only once with a gay actor) but i did shoot a couple of scenes with straight guys in Hungary, and most of them were horrible!!!I felt really bad afterwards.

I can’t apologize for this interview, because I just answered the questions and i was absolutly honest. I did not inted to harm anyone or anything. If you are happy being gay, thats great, If you’re happy being staight, thats great as well and if you are happy with being anything else, that’s just as good.
Nobody should judge another person for being who they are or trying to be happy.



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