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Friday, 13 April 2012 05:43


Hi guys ,sorry for not keeping you updated for such a long time, but I was more than busy lately. As some of you might know I have moved to the north of Scotland in the beginning of march.
The village I moved to is called Durness and I bought a small plot of land there to build a house.

And because I don't really have the money to build a house I have to do pretty much everything on my own. The foundations are almost done and I am working on it every day from morning til evening. My back is completely sore from lifting up the heavy stones and I can´t even take a hot bath after work, because I live in a tiny garden shed I built last month. It is just 1,80 long and 1,80 wide and it is just enogh space to sleep in it. When I need to take a shower I can use the lokal campsite and thats where I do my laundry as well.
I have to say that the people in Durness are increadibly friendly accepting and cool. They all know about my job as a porn actor, because of an article that was released in the local newspaper last year. The people here just joke about it and support me with anything they can do.
Every two months I'm travelling for a couple of days to work and of course I will also deliver you some hot, fresh material on www.loganmccree.tvOf course I haven´t had sex since I moved up to Scotland so you gonna get to watch my first sex in 2 months :-)

I wish you all happy Easter!!
Big hug
Logan McCree



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